You Mean I Can Really Dispute Errors On My Credit Report?

Can I really dispute errors on my credit report? You didn’t think that you could really dispute errors on your credit report? Guess again, no american has to have a credit report that is not 100% accurate. Yep, 100% accurate! But unfortunately, by no fault of their own, millions of Americans walk around with errors on their credit report that

Butler Butler

Can I get a home mortgage by credit score of less than 720?

Why 720 Credit Score is the "magic number" for home finance? There is no magical number in regards to credit scores when it comes to obtaining a mortgage, but 720 is the lowest score that is likely to get you approved for financing. There are various reasons why lenders will not approve loans for people with lower than 720 credit

Butler Butler

Why Getting Help With Fixing Your Credit Score Doesn’t Have To Be From A Credit Repair Company

Getting help to fix your credit score and repair your credit is not as difficult as some would have you think. You will begin to notice from Credit Butler, sometimes to get help with fixing your credit score and help fixing your bad credit score, you don’t have to look much further than yourself. Sure, credit repair sounds very difficult to

Butler Butler
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